The Chinese App Market Project…Paused?

So the Chinese App Market Project has paused for the moment. I’ve made some strides in this area but I’ve also switched jobs after spending 14 years with my previous employer. The job switch has forced me to learn another language (C#), which I have been doing in what little spare time I have.

There have also been a series of non-super-serious family incidents that have taken up more of my time. Maybe this is what life is like when you have a family with two small children: moving from one small crisis to the next, then it’s 10:30 pm and all you want to do is have a beer on the couch or go to bed.

I have also found that I have been nurturing a more holistic appreciation of the tech world lately. I feel that this is an expansion of my previous perspective. I feel that in the past I was very much concerned with the nuts and the bolts of tech, and lately (while still being concerned with bolts) I’ve found myself appreciating the larger perspective. Trying to look at the system as a whole to develop a greater understanding of all its many parts, and thinking about how this will play out in the future.

For the moment it’s all mobile for me. I can’t get away from the fact that for the foreseeable future all signs seem to point to mobile taking over more and more of the world. Cheaper hardware, the way we work shifting based on mobile (think about how the PC or the web changed your job). What was your job like 25 years ago before everyone was using a PC? How did it change 15 years ago when the web took off? How will mobile change the way you work? This is what I spend my walks thinking about.